Monday, November 9, 2009

Cassie update and my new project

Cassie is holding her own. She's not eating as much as usual, and she's been very affectionate; never much of a lap kitty, she seems to always want to be near us. We don't think she is experiencing pain, but she must be nauseated. We are giving her medicine to help settle her stomach. She has another appointment in three weeks, unless she gets worse.

I saw my brother today for the first time in about a month. I love that kid with all my heart. He's still finding himself and his place in the world (and trying to find a job, poor kid). I felt inspired to create a plan for a cute home on wheels for him; built on a flatbed trailer, it could be really cute like the ones at Tumbleweed Houses. I really want to build something like this, and have for a long time. Maybe now I'll get my chance -- better check the salvage ads.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My cat, Cassie, has lymphoma.

I can't stop crying.

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