Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Belated update

I had no recipes or other fun things to post yesterday because I was in the hospital. On Sunday, my dear husband took me to the emergency room because I was in great pain -- really terrible abdominal pain. Later that day, we learned I had appendicitis, and I had surgery on Sunday night. After the surgery, I was placed in a room decorated with a charming Victorian painting of Little Bo-Peep; at least, it depicted a round-cheeked girl resting on a knoll with a beribboned crook in her hand and a sweet lamb beside her. I wish I could find the image to show all of you, because it really is sweet.

I have just returned from the hospital, and though the pain medication is working well, sitting up still hurts a bit, so I fear my updates will be irregular for the next couple of weeks. Instead, I intend to rest and allow my beloved to pamper me a bit...okay, more than a bit. I'm looking at the flowers brought to me last night by two friends. Even with unforeseen problems like emergency appendectomies, life is very sweet.


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