Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finished: Lacy Sleeveless Top

From a pattern by Valerie Kurita, published in the first crochet magazine I ever bought (back in 2006), I have made this pretty white top.

I used some shaping techniques learned from articles and books by the marvelous Doris Chan, and it fits really well. It will have to wait for warmer weather to be worn, but I can wait.

I have still to finish (again) the baby-doll dress designed by Amy O'Neill Houck; I am reworking the sleeves to be shorter and puffier. I really love the dress and am eager to finish it so I can wear it again.

This month, I had an unusual amount of bills to pay, with more expenses to come in the next couple of weeks, so buying the beautiful yarn I intend to use for Jennifer Hansen's Cecilia chemise (both lengths!) will have to wait a while. Right now, my money needs to go towards caring for myself; buying pretty yarn is a great way to do that, but the care I need right now is of the inner sort. I am not afraid of heavy emotional and psychological work, but I am afraid to pry this particular monster out into the light where I can work on befriending it. Or slaying it. I'm not sure which it will be.

In the meantime, I will continue to live my happy life...there is so very much to love and to savor.


allisonmariecat said...

Ooh, beautiful top! Really lovely. What yarn did you use?

The bamboo/silk is very nice. I've knit with straight bamboo, but not that particular combination.

I keep forgetting to ask you if you use much mercerized cotton. I was digging through the yarn stash and found several skeins of Patons Grace that I bought as a newbie knitter, before I realized I don't like to knit with mercerized cotton :) I have some in a navy and some in a taupe, so they're not the most inspiring colors, but I thought I'd check if it was something you might use!

Be happy and healthy!

Meryt Bast said...

Patons Grace?? Heck, yes, I could use it. I use a LOT of cotton (usually crochet thread) and Grace is yummy. Thank you. :)

Julie said...

All of your finished clothes are lovely! I'm so impressed at the design at the bottom of the shirt.

Good luck with your monster, whether you invite it in for a cup of tea or behead it.

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