Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another link change, reconsidered

Debutante Clothing has a link to a blog in which a liposuction procedure is described. Because the brief article is a description and not an endorsement (indeed, it ends with a question about health risks), I am leaving Debutante Clothing in the Beauty-Full Blogs section. I like DC very much, as it's full of wonderful clothing and interesting information about vintage styles and labels, and I don't want to delete their link because of a single informational link. Again, you can't see the article unless you follow a link at DC, and if you blink while scrolling, you'll miss it. I only mention it because some readers may have followed the link, and be wondering why I would link to a blog that links to a potentially triggering article.

Yes, I do have a gimlet eye, but I want this blog to be a safe place, a joy-full place. I'm trying to create a website full of things I wish I had seen, heard, and dwelt upon when I was struggling with loving myself. I don't want anyone to find any reason here to feel bad about herself.

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